Joanne de Lepinay interior design

Joanne de Lepinay designs and runs interior architectural projects since 2005, enhancing the premises that she creates or transforms them to give them a second life.

She draws her inspiration from her own passions: travel, contemporary art, music, and fashion which is where she began her professional career.

Taking on only a small number of projects a year, she offers her clients a customized and highly personalized service, offering them an overall design that CAN SPAN  exterior Or INTERIOR architecture, decoration AND furniture design.

Highly sensitive to the PEOPLE’S personalities who will be occupying the premises, she is careful to ensure that they correspond to their lifestyle, coherently, elegantly.

In every renovation project that she has run, she has successfully espoused the original style of the premises, whether IT WAS A CLASSICAL or CONTEMPORARY FEEL, has made them warm and convivial, creating a unique MOOD through meticulous attention to materials, colours and detailS.

Attentive to the specifications in the professional projects that she runs, she harmoniously blends aesthetics and technique in the restaurants, hairdressing salons, spas and beauty salons that she has ACHIEVED.

Joanne de Lepinay runs her projects end-to-end, iNVESTS THE SPACES, watching every detail, MINDFUL OF her clients’ WHISHES, SHOWCASING HER SIGNATURE STYLE.